Create a buyer’s choice list from your Revit model in no time!

Many house builders nowadays elaborate their BIM models with options (buyer’s choice) in Autodesk Revit. One of the methods to deal practically with house types and buyer options is the Grid field method.

The Grid field method lends itself very well to the use and management of your library and building components. Today, a number of Revit suppliers, BIM-offices and Revit users already use the Grid field method consciously or unconsciously for managing Revit families. These parties make use of so-called Family Packages. This is, in fact, a Revit project in which Revit Families are included per type and LOD (Level Of Detail) level at fixed locations in the file. This simplifies maintenance and searching compared to all separate RFA (Autodesk Revit Family) files, especially if changes must be made to all the families.

Because you create and (re)use building blocks as it were, the management of your house, and the parts that make up the house, is clear and easy. 

How did Innobrix work before?

Previously it was often a chore to apply the ‘Grid field principle’ to an already modelled house. Think of all the options that had to be cut up by hand and placed in separate cells as options. 

Despite the fact that BIM modellers adapt quickly to this method of working, it initially takes time to master and apply it. It was also the case that after a long time of modelling, the maintenance was particularly disappointing. All changes made after the initial delivery also had to be made to all Grid field documents, which increases the chance of making errors. 

This is of course a thorn in our side as tech nerds. Because we want to make the system smarter so that developing, realising and selling homes online becomes more fun, easier and more efficient! The clever minds at Innobrix, read: developers, have worked on an automated solution. And that has led to a new functionality in our Innobrix Autodesk Add-in: the automatic Option Generator. You now only need to enrich your current BIM model including buyer options with information.

“The entry threshold to work with Innobrix has never been so low.”

~ Robin Lankhorst

Save a lot of time with the Innobrix Option Generator

The advantage of the Innobrix Option Generator is, that you can continue to model as you always did. Create your options in 3 steps:

  • Create Model Groups to tell Innobrix what to export and show;
  • Assigning Innobrix parameters to Model Groups;
  • Creating a Schedule to keep an overview of which Model Groups are which.

Advantages of the Option Generator

  • Use your existing Revit document
    Do everything in one familiar environment, without maintaining multiple documents.
  • All information centralised
    Because your information is in one central place, you keep the overview.
  • Multiple property types per document
    Define multiple property types per file and export them all at once.
  • Maintenance-friendly
    Specify cells with parameters; use schedules or other tooling to make everything transparent.
  • Speed
    Export directly to Innobrix to see the end result as soon as possible.
  • Flexibility
    Adding a new buyer option? Export it directly and see the difference immediately.
  • Lower entry level
    No manual actions. Connect directly to your current modelling process and save a lot of time.

Innobrix is the new standard for developing, realising and selling new build projects. More fun, easier and more efficient work starts with Innobrix. 

Do you want more information about the Innobrix Option Generator, or do you want to know more about one of the modules? Please contact Sander Martinec at or +31 74 3031414.

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