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Publish your BIM model online within 15 minutes and let the home buyer experience their home. Walk through the house, check the position of the sun, place furniture and view your house wherever and whenever you want! The BIM Publisher is a web-based application and can be used on any device without installation.

How does the BIM-Pubisher work

With the BIM Publisher, you can publish your BIM model online within 15 minutes. This way you involve the home buyer in the process. When changes have been made, they can immediately experience and see them. 2D drawings are sometimes difficult to understand for a home buyer without knowledge of the material. You can prevent this with the BIM Publisher. In doing so, they get a spatial image of the house by placing furniture, for example. It is also possible to see where the sun shines at what time of the day in any period of the year. Because the BIM Publisher functions on all devices, the home buyer always has their latest home design at hand. Always nice to show your home to friends or family on a birthday.

Compatible with all housing types

Detached house

Terraced houses



How to publish a BIM-Model online?

Posting a property online is very easy and only takes four steps. First of all, the house must be divided into floors in Revit. Step two is exporting the home using the Innobrix Add-in to the Innobrix platform. You can then assign materials and colours to your home and provide it with furniture and other environmental elements. After this step you are ready and it is time to publish the property. The home buyer can now view their home anytime, anywhere.

Always, everywhere on all devices

When the home buyers have decorated their home completely to their own taste with furniture from the furniture library, they can always view the home and files. They always have the home at hand, no matter where they are. The Innobrix application runs on all devices, such as: tablet, smartphone and computer. That way they can always view their future home, but also show it to friends or family.

BIM-Publisher completely integrated in home docs

The user can choose to use BIM Publisher separately or in combination with the powerful Home Docs. Home Docs is the ideal solution for maintaining contact with the home buyer. This app can be used to share files, chat with the purchase supervisor and integrate the property published with the BIM Publisher . This way, the home buyer always has their files and home at hand, no matter where they are.

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