Less administration, more house coaching and better (interactive) communication

So many people, so many wishes. How will you manage all these expectations in the best possible way? Innobrix can help you with that.

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Less administration, more house coaching and better (interactive) communication

As a buyer’s assistant, there is a lot to deal with. Options, additional work, different types of homes, and sometimes even several projects that go on sale at the same time. And then we haven’t even mentioned the buyers, who all have their specific preferences. So many people, so many wishes. How are you going to manage all these expectations in the best possible way? Innobrix can help you with that. We create innovative solutions that make developing, realizing, and selling new homes more efficient, more fun, and easier for you. With the help of Innobrix software, you can communicate clearly, directly, and interactively with buyers. For example, with the Home buyer portal we developed, you can view all (up-to-date) information relating to the new-build process and communication with buyers with one press of a button.

By integrating the Home buyer portal with the house configurator, the buyer can put together his own house in 3D. In this way, the buyer can immediately see the consequences of his choice. Both visually and financially. The buyer can furnish the house according to his own taste and therefore have a better idea of which options suit his needs best. Our 3D house configurator is a real game-changer in all respects. Because homebuyers can prepare themselves well at home with this tool, you save valuable time. As a buyer’s assistant, this way you gradually become a housing coach. Less administrative hassle means more time for housing advice. Is there anything that still needs to be done? You see it at a glance. That saves time and makes communicating with buyers even more pleasant. What’s more, with the integrated Virtual Reality module, you can give homebuyers a real living experience.

Innobrix is the #1 tool that hundreds of Buyer's assistant rely on.

Less administration

Doing more work in less time

Better expectations management

Improved buyer participation

More efficiency

Reduce time to market

The modules you will love as a Buyer's Assistant

These are the modules that you, as a Buyer’s Assistant, will not be able to work without with anymore

BIM Publisher™

Publish your BIM model easily and quickly online without buyer options! Give the house buyer the perfect experience! Online within 15 minutes!

Popular features

Home buyer portal™

All information, communication and your home in 3D in one central place. Always and everywhere with you on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Popular features

Home Configurator™

With the house configurator, the house buyer chooses his favourite plot, selects the house options and experiences the house in 3D on his smartphone, PC or tablet.

Popular features

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