Innobrix Architectuur

Innobrix has been developed on the basis of a SAAS (software as a service) architecture. This means that we offer Innobrix as an online software service. You don't have to buy it, but take out a subscription with us instead.

Innobrix Architecture

Innobrix software architecture
SaaS literally means: “Software as a Service”. Instead of having to purchase software in order to use it, we offer this in a cloud solution as a subscription form.

What are the benefits of SAAS?
This gives you worldwide and 24/7 access to our software, you receive regular automatic updates, and our software is very easy to implement and connect with other external applications such as web applications, CRM and ERP systems. In the illustrations below we explain the Innobrix architecture.

Innobrix Studio

Everything starts at the base of Innobrix; the Innobrix platform. The most essential part of our platform is the Studio. The studio is the place where you create, publish and manage all your projects. For example, depending on the package you have chosen, you can access the Home configurator, the Plan configurator, the BIM Publisher and the Home Docs here. With the Revit Add-in you can easily load your BIM models into Innobrix. Then you apply options, you assign the prices of these options and publish the home online for sale.


Innobrix runs completely in the cloud. This means that you don’t have to install any software to use it. You get your own protected environment online to which you can log in and then perform all actions to be able to offer your homes online. The homes can also be configured, viewed and submitted for your home buyers via the cloud at the touch of a button.
Accessible anytime, anywhere!

Available on all devices

Home buyers can use Innobrix on all kinds of devices. Innobrix functions on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use (windows, ios or android). 

For a Virtual Reality experience you can use your smartphone in combination with a cardboard or the Oculus Quest.

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