The more you experience, the more desirable the plot

How can you stimulate potential buyers' perceptions of your project in such a way that seeing becomes buying?

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The more you experience,
the more desirable the plot

Ideally, you would like to have sold all the lots before even a shovel goes into the ground. All conditions are favorable, so the time to market is perfect. High time to start selling. Starting with an excellent website. Yet it remains difficult to convey that what you see is the same as what you get. How can you stimulate the experience of potential buyers in your project in such a way that seeing becomes buying? Innobrix can help you with that. We create innovative solutions that make selling new homes online more efficient, easier, and above all more fun. With the help of Innobrix software, you can positively influence the sale of your house at an early stage. And increase the anticipatory fun of buyers. With our interactive 2D and 3D solutions, we can simulate the end result as realistically as possible, enhance the buyers’ experience and thus considerably shorten the selling time. You’ll be doing yourself and the buyers a big favor.

Innobrix is the #1 tool that hundreds of sales specialists and marketeers rely on.

Faster sales process

Creating an experience

What you see is what you get

Insight in click behaviour

Integrated sales method

Improved buyer participation

The modules you will love as a salesperson or marketer

These are the modules that you as a salesperson and marketer will not be able to work without with anymore.

BIM Publisher™

Publish your BIM model easily and quickly online without buyer options! Give the house buyer the perfect experience! Online within 15 minutes!

Popular features

Home buyer portal™

All information, communication and your home in 3D in one central place. Always and everywhere with you on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Popular features

Home Configurator™

With the Home Configurator, the house buyer chooses his favorite plot, selects the house options, and experiences the house in 3D on his smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Popular features

Interactive AI™

Create realistic artist impressions of a house that the house buyer has put together himself! Realistic but also interactive.

Popular features

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