BIM in bite-sized chunks on the house buyer’s smartphone

Virtual and augmented reality apps for new-build projects have existed for a while. But Innobrix is directly linked to the BIM model. Home buyers can use this to pretty much directly instruct the carpentry or concrete factory.

Innobrix also provides insight into the consequences of choices using advanced virtual and augmented reality., This can also be done with your own  device, especially with Apple devices.  For now, they have a head start on Android phones and tablets. But with advanced VR glasses at the sales office of the builder or real estate agent, in most cases it will be just one step more realistic. Martinec: Then you can really walk through your future home in a lifelike way and immediately see what the consequences of certain choices are or what the effect is when you move your furniture.”

House buyers  do not get access to the complete BIM model via Innobrix, but a simplified version with significantly fewer buttons. This way, buyers cannot accidentally adjust the reinforcement configuration of the concrete floor, for instance. Martinec: “Not that they would want to, but they also cannot do it accidentally if they select the wrong option. Innobrix also offers the possibility to chat with the buyer counsellor directly.”

Giving your order directly to the cook

“Compare it with a service like home food delivery”, Martinec continues. “There are plenty of companies where you can have a pizza delivered to your home. But with us, you can tell the cook directly that you want an extra slice of salami and don’t like capers. Nobody goes that far.”

Innobrix really works file to factory

Van Wijnen now has the system for its concept Fijn Wonen and works file to factory: the house buyer indeed almost directly controls the machines in the factory through Innobrix.  Brummelhuis, Ter Steege and BPD also use the system but have not taken the implementation that far yet. According to Martinec, in all cases, the presentation goes beyond just linking together images that  AR and VR configurators have typically offered until now. “We really take things to the next level and provide a more realistic view. As a customer, you truly experience what kind of house you are buying and are no longer faced with surprised. That is better for the home builder as well.”

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