Successful online home sales?

With Innobrix as a SaaS platform you can continue to the next step with your new-build project.

We help the housing industry to make the development, realization and online sale of new-build homes easier, more fun, and more efficient

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What can we achieve together?

Connect your BIM model and ERP with the Innobrix platform and read buyer options automatically. This saves you a lot of time and prevents mistakes. With the Innobrix platform you make the process more efficient and you have the time to focus on what you are really good at.
Higher turnover
By visualizing buyer options in 3D, you make it a lot more attractive and clear which buyer options can be chosen. This generates additional income. Earn more, without extra effort.
Higher customer satisfaction
Make your home buyers happy, give them a unique, fast and online 3D experience. This way they can virtually experience the house. You can manage expectations better and customer satisfaction increases. Because the home buyer gets “what you see is what you get”.

How we take you further

A module for every function within your organization! Achieve optimum efficiency by linking modules together.

BIM Publisher™

Publish your BIM model quickly and easily online without buyer options! Give the home buyer the perfect experience! Online in 15 minutes!

Home Configurator™

With the home configurator, the home buyer chooses his favorite lot, selects the home options and experiences the home in 3D on a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Urban Planning Configurator™

The 3D city planner for project developers. Create your district quickly and easily and immediately have insight into the development costs.

Home buyer portal™

All information, communication and your home in 3D in one central place. Always everywhere with you on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Interactive AI™

A powerful dynamic 3D web viewer (i) combined with a realistic artist impression (Ai).

Our method

The modular Innobrix platform is so easy to use that we can explain it to you in three steps!

Try the Home Configurator

You can try the home configurator yourself! You do not need to create an account for this, just by pressing the button a new tab will open where you can get started right away. Good luck!

Watch our video series

Our experts give you information, tips & tricks! Do you want to see the latest trends in construction and find out how you can be future-proof? can be? Watch our video series in which Sander and Jelle share their knowledge and years share experience with you! These videos will help you get ready for the future.
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Innobrix integration options

Innobrix becomes even more powerful due to the integration options we can offer with our platform. Innobrix offers a full open API with which all data is directly accessible for 3rd party software. In addition, we have a direct integration with Autodesk Revit® via a Add-in module.

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