We want become the Amazon or Deliveroo for new homes

Innobrix was developed by Smart2IT, a software house for innovative software solutions from Hengelo, Overijssel. Innobrix is a platform for the online sale of new-build homes. “We help the construction world make the buying process of new homes easier and more fun”, says director and owner Sander Martinec.

You want to get potential buyers or developers interested in your new-build project. Currently, they can view images and floor plans on your website and download PDFs with information about the different options. At your office, they may be able to view nice paper brochures or even model homes.

But all that can be made much easier and more modern, Martinec at Smart2IT thought. This innovative, fast-growing software company from Hengelo developed Innobrix, a platform that transforms BIM designs into interactive, virtual homes, so that home builders can show consumers in 3D what a home will look like.

“We believe that consumers who want to buy a new house or apartment should have a much more ‘what you see is what you get’ experience”, says Martinec. “In addition, buying a house should become much simpler. All industries now have user-friendly webshops except construction.”

Realistic image

Through Innobrix, potential buyers can view the homes at home from the couch on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. They can ‘walk’ through the home, decorate the rooms with different furniture and view the garden and the rest of the surroundings. They can also see how the sun shines in at different times of the day and on different days of the year.

This gives you a truly realistic picture of your future home

Sander Martinec

“This gives you a truly realistic picture of your future home”, says Martinec. “Now you spend two, three or four hundred thousand without really having a feeling for what you’re buying. Buying a home today is not very visual and interactive and also quite complicated because you have information in different places.”

Just like with a webshop, Innobrix gives you a choice of different options and you put what you want in a shopping basket. The costs are clear at a glance, because you no longer have to add up the prices of different options yourself.


Innobrix is an SAAS (Software as a Service) solution, which means that it is an online software service that you can subscribe to. As a housing provider, you log in yourself and can easily do everything yourself.

There are three different Lite package is the most affordable at €399 per month and may therefore be interesting to small home builders and architectural firms. It consists of the modules 

Cost savings


The Home File is a user-friendly app in which all information is gathered in a secure environment: all personal information, current affairs and, of course, a 3D visualisation of the home. All communication between the buyer and the seller can also be found here and files can be exchanged. This way, the home buyer always has the details of the home at hand, wherever they are. Both the seller and the buyer need to take care of far fewer administrative tasks because of this fast digital processing. Martinec: “There is no need to fill in and sign all kinds of documents anymore. And because consumers can immediately see what the home will look like, it also raises fewer questions. All in all, it is a lot more efficient than the current method. It therefore saves a lot of time and costs”.

Ordering a house

“A few years ago I bought a newly built house”, says Martinec. “If I had known in advance what the bedrooms would have looked like in reality, I wouldn’t have bought the house. Or I would have chosen a different layout. This software prevents disappointment afterwards. It makes buying a house as easy as ordering a product from webshops of companies like Amazon or Deliveroo.”

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