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Quickly and easily compile, visualise and calculate 3D area plans.

Innobrix, for project development

A vacant lot, pasture or demolition area. A great opportunity to build a new appealing district or neighbourhood. In the exploratory phase of the construction process, it is important to see what the neighbourhood will look like in general, how and where you will place the houses, how many houses you can put in and whether you meet the regulations and permits.

With Innobrix you can quickly and easily place homes and masses on your own pad. This way you create your 3D area plans in a number of steps in a Lego kind of way. Visualisation and perception in Virtual Reality of your neighbourhood designs contribute to better and insightful communication with third parties such as licensors, neighbourhood initiatives and potential home buyers.

How the Urban Plan Configurator works.

Via the web browser you upload your own underlay (a map of the area) on which you want to work out your area plans. Then, you place your housing types such as row, detached and semidetached house. Choose the number of homes, change the architecture and decorate the neighbourhood. Create a number of plan variants of the district in this way and save them in your personal file. You can open and adjust your saved plan variants afterwards, share and show them to others, and view them in Virtual Reality.

Communications with several parties.

Visual area plans enable you to communicate better and more clearly with other parties. Think of permit issuers who assess the neighbourhood on the basis of your 3D area plans, contractors and suppliers to work with, neighbourhood initiatives who want to know what is being built in their backyard and, of course, as a first introduction to the new neighbourhood for potential house buyers.

Create 3D area plans with a few mouse clicks

Innobrix works according to the Lego principle. Generate urban areas effortlessly with building blocks and without technical knowledge.

Strengthen your communication

A picture says more than a thousand words. Visualisations in 3D and VR creates clarity in your urban plans and configurations.

Integral solution in your construction process

Innobrix works seamlessly with all your other internal processes. Plus, it connects several companies with the building process for more efficient communication.

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