Innobrix in four steps

The platform is so simple to understand, we can explain it all in just four steps. Check our step-by-step guide!

Innobrix in four steps

Innobrix is a modular and very richly filled platform. Depending on your package choice, you have the option in this platform to use the Home Configurator, Urban planning configurator, BIM Publisher and Home Docs to improve both your own process and the communication and interaction with the customer. In the steps below we will show you how you can quickly and easily publish a home online and offer it to the potential buyer.





Step 1

The Gridfield

The very first step is to cut your BIM model with buyer options into “lego bricks”, or a gridfield. This gridfield is a smart collection of the buyer options and is placed in option cells. The gridfield is built into your BIM software package. You can use various BIM software packages for this, such as ARCHICAD and Autodesk REVIT.

We personally prefer Autodesk Revit, also in view of our bi-directional coupling. This link also ensures that selected buyer options are automatically read into Autodesk Revit.

Step 2

Export & import

You can then export the model from Autodesk Revit. This is very easy through the Autodesk Revit Add-in link, which is available for free from the Autodesk Store. Then you import the gridfield into our Innobrix platform and you can further edit the model and provide options with prices.

Step 3

Apply options and prices

Congratulations, your house is now in Innobrix! It is now time to assign options, prices and materials to your newly added home. These are the options that the home buyer will eventually see and can apply to his or her home. Here you can also indicate whether or not multiple options can be selected at the same time. The entered option prices are eventually added together in the receipt.

Step 4

Ready to configure

When the previous steps are completed, you have made every effort to offer your home online to the home buyer! One last step is to place (embed) the Home Configurator on your own website. This way, the home buyer stays in your trusted environment and is not referred to another website. They can now start configuring and furnishing their home with furniture and accessories!

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