Everything about your home in
one online home doc

All information, communication and 3D visualization in one central place. Always with you on your smartphone and tablet.

Fast communication with the home buyer via Home Docs

Innobrix is the all-in-one provider for Home Docs. It enables you to communicate clearly, directly and interactively with the home buyer. The client always and everywhere has all information and communication about the new construction process at hand and up-to-date. The integration with the Home Configurator and BIM Publisher ensures that the home buyer has direct access to their 3D home designs and can compile, save and order their own virtual home

Always up-to-date via the Home Docs dashboard

All relevant information clear and up-to-date in a clear dashboard. The home buyer can see at a glance which tasks are still open, whether an action or reaction is still requested and whether there are any notifications. Furthermore, he or she can consult all uploaded documents and chat with the buyer counsellor. With the push of a button, the home configurator can be opened in no time and the home buyer can compile their 3D home, save it and look back in VR and AR.

Clear communication

Committed and personal with a chat, push messages and notifications. And always look back at 3D visualisation, VR and AR of your own home designs.

Integration home configurator

From Home Docs, the Home Configurator can be opened quickly on the desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone with the push of a button.

Tablet & Smartphone

Everything about your home in your pocket anytime, anywhere. You can access all information and communication on your smartphone and tablet with one click. Want to check out our Home Docs?

Spela videoklipp

Home Docs for the buyer counsellor

The home doc eases the administrative work and turns the buyer counsellor into a personal advisor for the home buyers. From one online environment you have an overview of all current affairs and you communicate easily and directly with every home buyer. No more cluttered paper mass, all relevant information and documents are stored in a central location. Manage and view your various new construction projects, manage and communicate with the home buyers, stay informed of newly received messages and send notifications and tasks to the home buyer.


Your home in your pocket

The buyer has access to his or her new home anytime, anywhere. They can view the configured home in 3D and show it to family and friends.

All documents in a central location

Documents such as; lot drawings, purchase contract and more are all in one central place in Home Docs.


Chat with your sales advisor and be kept informed of the latest developments regarding the construction of your new home.

Tasks & Deadlines

Never miss tasks and deadlines again thanks to a useful overview implemented in our software.

Survey module

Ask the home buyer questions about how they experienced the purchasing process and apply these principles in future sales.

360 degree viewer

Give the home buyer the opportunity to view their home in a 360 degree view or in Virtual Reality.


Receive an instant notification on your phone or tablet when a new update, photos or files are added.


Can’t figure it out using our extensive documentation? View our FAQ to answer all the most common questions.

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