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All information, communication and 3D visualisation in one central place. Always with you anywhere on your smartphone and tablet.

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How does the Home buyer portal work

Short, direct lines of communication with the house buyer via the Home buyer portal.

Innobrix is the all-in-one Home buyer portal. It enables you to communicate clearly, directly and interactively with the house buyer. The buyer always has all information and communication about the new building process clearly and up-to-date at hand. The integration with the house configurator and BIM Publisher ensures that the house buyer also has direct access to his 3D house designs and can compose, save and order his own virtual house.

See how the Home buyer portal works

Functionalities within the Home buyer portal

Your home in your pocket

The buyer has access to his or her new home anywhere and anytime. They can view their configured home in 3D and show it to family and friends.

All documents in a central location

Documents such as plot drawings, sales contract and more are all in one central place in the Home buyer portal.

Chat functionality

Chat with your sales advisor and, be updated on the latest developments regarding the construction of your new home.

Tasks & Deadlines

Never miss tasks and deadlines again thanks to a handy overview implemented in our software.

Survey module

Ask the homebuyer questions about how they experienced the buying process and apply these principles to future sales.


Receive instant notifications on your phone or tablet when a new update, photos or files are added.


Home buyer portal

Do you want clients to fully understand your designed house? Then the BIM-Publisher is the tool for you!

€ 39,00 / per month*

10 homes included**

*Subscription fees are invoiced annually. **You have 10 places (properties) at your disposal. This means that when you delete a property, you can add another one. If you want to publish more than 10 properties at once, you can expand your account.

Would you like to use the Home buyer portal in combination with the BIM publisher or Home configurator?

That is possible! We offer you the Innobrix Lite and Pro subscription.

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