BIM Publisher

Publish your BIM model online within 15 minutes and let the home buyer experience their home. Walk through the house, check the position of the sun, place furniture and view your house wherever and whenever you want! The BIM Publisher is a web-based application and can be used on any device without installation.

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How does the BIM Publisher work

With the BIM Publisher, you can publish your BIM model online within 15 minutes. This way you involve the home buyer in the process. When changes have been made, they can immediately experience and see them. 2D drawings are sometimes difficult to understand for a home buyer without knowledge of the material. You can prevent this with the BIM Publisher. In doing so, they get a spatial image of the house by placing furniture, for example. It is also possible to see where the sun shines at what time of the day in any period of the year. Because the BIM Publisher functions on all devices, the home buyer always has their latest home design at hand. Always nice to show your home to friends or family on a birthday.

See how the BIM Publisher works

In three steps your BIM-Model online with the BIM-Publisher


your BIM model


Try the various housing types yourself

Experience the BIM publisher for yourself in a live environment.

Detached house
Terraced house

Virtual Reality Support

Do you want the homebuyers to experience their new home before construction has even started? Experience with Innobrix the future reality in Virtual Reality. Move yourself through your yet-to-be-built house and experience what lies ahead! Innobrix runs on the Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest is the first all-in-one system for Virtual Reality. You can now configure a home almost anywhere. Oculus Quest uses your surroundings, so you can look around or walk around, standing or sitting, in big or small spaces.


Give your buyer(s) an idea of the spaciousness of their new home and get an idea of how much light you have in your home.


VR gives you the experience when it comes to viewing a new home early. Close to reality! Walk and look around, experience and enjoy.

Sales supportive

Have the prospective house buyers not yet been able to make a choice? Virtual Reality wins them over.



Do you want clients to fully understand your drawn and designed home? Then the BIM-Publisher is the ‘tool’ for you!

€ 99,00 / per month*

10 homes included**

*Subscription fees are billed annually. **You have 10 properties at your disposal. This means that when you delete a house, you can add a new one. If you want to publish more than 10 properties at the same time, you can expand your account.

Do you want to use the BIM Publisher in combination with the housing file?

You can! Therefore we offer you the Innobrix Lite subscription.

D you want to know more about the Lite subscription?

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