Make the design of the house better and your work a lot more fun

By integrating your BIM model into our online house configurator, you can standardise your house concepts more easily and optimise your cooperation with builders and developers.

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Make the design of the house better and your work a lot more fun

Exactly mapping out the BIM model of a house takes up a lot of time. Especially if you start with a blank sheet every time and have to build the entire model from scratch. This process is very precise because builders must be able to assume that your BIM models are correct. That all the pipes connect to the infrastructural network. And the closer you get to the construction phase, the less time you have to correct any errors. How can you organize the modeling work more efficiently and better and thus speed up the entire construction process? Innobrix can help you with that. We create innovative solutions that make developing, realizing, and selling new houses more efficient, easier, and above all more fun. We do this by using the Innobrix software, which gives the quality of the drawings a boost and makes errors in the BIM model visible at an early stage.

By integrating your BIM model into our online house configurator, you have a tool at your disposal that makes it easier to standardize and optimize the cooperation with your colleagues in sales and in development. That makes working a lot easier.

What does this working method look like in practice? Almost all (new-build) homes are built with the same (prefab) construction components and have the same layout behind the facade. By developing a smart structure, you can optimize and standardize the BIM process. This increases the quality of your model, you can make adjustments faster and easier and you take all experiences with you to the next project. Innobrix then ensures that the buyer can submit his options digitally. You, as a BIM modeler, read these options per buyer into your BIM software. In this way, you can immediately have the current drawings at your disposal and directly control the production.

From Revit to Innobrix at a touch of a button

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Innobrix is the #1 tool that hundreds of BIM Modelers rely on.

Standardization in design

Increase work efficiency

Increase quality of modeling

Reduction of workload

Improving collaboration

Faster modelling process

The modules you will love as a BIM Modeller

These are the modules that you, as a BIM Modeller, will not be able to work without with anymore

BIM Publisher™

Publish your BIM model easily and quickly online without buyer options! Give the house buyer the perfect experience! Online within 15 minutes!

Popular features

Home buyer portal™

All information, communication and your home in 3D in one central place. Always and everywhere with you on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Popular features

Interactive AI™

Create realistic artist impressions of a house that the house buyer has put together himself! Realistic but also interactive.

Popular features

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