What value can Innobrix offer for suppliers like yourself?

Via Innobrix, a new sales channel is being created. With your products available in Innobrix, your product options will be taken into consideration by the customer, even before the construction of the home has begun. Furthermore, consumers have the ability to choose luxury variants of your product.

What Innobrix offers you

By providing suppliers with a stage to display their products – including variants in terms of shape and/or material options – in the new-build construction process, this may serve as a lead generation channel for your products. Ranging from kitchens and door frames to facade bricks and fireplaces, all types of suppliers in the construction sector can enter our platform to garner attention from aspiring home buyers. Oftentimes, project designers and construction companies offer a limited set of options. Innobrix becomes the link between you, a material supplier, and these construction companies. This way, your products are added to the Home Configurator available in our platform.

The benefits for you as a supplier

Increased customer engagement and higher margins

Current working methods

Suppliers usually sell their products via sales locations in a showroom, via intermediary parties, or directly to the client using a webshop. These methods are all focused on the direct sales of a product, such as a door, but do not tie it to a moment during the construction phase of a new-build home. This, in turn, means consumers may not be aware of your brand or products, thus not taking them into consideration. In this phase, larger purchases are considered than a single product, or a few products for one specific room. Again, think of a door. After the home purchase is made and construction has been completed, there is a smaller chance someone will buy a completely new door package. Rather, they would simply order a replacement for a single front door, instead of the full package. 

The future with Innobrix

By joining Innobrix as a supplier, your complete range of products is added to our platform. This means your products are available as options to choose during the full sales process. It goes as follows: Using our platform, the consumer configures their own home, online and in 3D. During this process, they can add/modify all kinds of options, such as adding room extensions, modifying floor plans, adding dormers, or changing door frames. They are also able to choose preferred options for materials (which type of facade tiles? which type of wood for the doors?), brands (whose doors do we prefer? Who makes the best window frames?), or even full pre-made rooms (Kitchen Design by X). All of these choices made are visible to the client, real-time in 3D. 

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