Customer projects realised with the Innobrix Platform

“It is our motivation to realize buildings that others will use for years to come.”

“Brummelhuis is the specialist in homes that are developed and realized according to individual wishes. Everything is possible, nothing has to be standard and we are not committed to anything.”

“The link with BIM/Revit enables our organization to make a development step. We are very enthusiastic about that. Innobrix is currently way ahead of the competition”

This is how to sell houses online

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“Svedex is the Dutch brand for lacquered style doors. Svedex makes innovative collections and is the expert when it comes to lacquered style doors.”

“For us, BIM integration was decisive. This fits in with our vision of housing and in our entire building process.”

‘For additional insights into neighbourhoods, Trebbe uses the Innobrix Home Configurator.’

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