Innobrix is made even more powerful by the integration possibilities we offer with our platform. Innobrix offers an API, Single Sign On (SSO), an Autodesk Revit® add-in module and the Innobrix Home Configurator can be fully embedded in your website.

Innobrix integration options

Thanks to the integration options we are able to offer with our platform, Innobrix can become even more powerful as a tool. For example, Innobrix offers a full open API, making all data directly accessible for 3rd party software. On top of this, the Autodesk Revit® Add-in module allows for direct integration with Revit. Down below, we will explain what this means and how exactly it works.

Full open API

APIs offer a standardised access format for application data and devices; such as cloud access for applications like Innobrix. With our API connection, your software, such as CRM and ERP systems, can be connected with our Innobrix platform. Our connections are bi-directional. This means information can be read and synchronised from both sides. This way, buyer options, building numbers, home types, documents and other project-related data are made available. This data can then be exchanged and synchronised between your software and the Innobrix platform. A few examples of platforms to integrate are presented below.

Is your software package not represented in the list? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Autodesk Integrations


An Add-in can not be used as a stand-alone program, but is rather intended to be used in conjunction with another program, in this case Autodesk Revit, which needs to be installed separately. As soon as the Add-in is installed, it will be added as an extension of the larger program. The Innobrix Add-in is exceptionally useful for BIM model creators and directors of your organisation. When using Autodesk Revit, it is very simple to transfer a building – in a complete gridfield – to the Innobrix platform.

Full blocks of homes – already supplied with the definitive buyer options – can be imported to the Innobrix platform. This, in turn, allows for tremendous time savings during the project development phase. Furthermore, BIM 360 data exchange is enabled too. Using this feature, collaborating with team members, exchanging documents and ensuring quality and security becomes an easy feat.

BIM 360 Docs

In addition, data exchange with BIM 360 is possible. This makes it easy to collaborate with your team members, exchange files and ensure safety and quality. Now use your business document management using BIM360 Docs in the Innobrix add-in. Retrieve templates, gridfields and JSON configuration files from BIM360 Document Management so that they can be shared with all the people it is relevant to, such as BIM modellers from buyer counsellors. Afterwards you can save them on the server yourself so that the whole company benefits from it.


Embed on your own website

The Innobrix Home Configurator conforms to the most modern web standards and can be embedded flawlessly in your web pages. Innobrix supports Single Sign ON (SS) (SSO) and deeplinking, providing your end-users a uniform, integrated experience with one single log-in!

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