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How does the BIM-Publisher work

With the BIM Publisher you publish your BIM model online within 15 minutes. In this way you take the home buyer along in the process. When changes have been made, they can immediately experience and see them. 2D drawings are sometimes difficult to understand for a home buyer without knowledge of the material. You can prevent this with the BIM Publisher. In doing so, they get a spatial image of the house, for example by placing furniture. It is also possible to see where the sun shines at what time of the day in any period of the year. Because the BIM-Publisher functions on all devices, the home buyer always has her latest home design at hand. Always nice to show your home to friends or family on a birthday.

  • 1 Interactive in 3D
  • 2 Place furniture
  • 3 Everything in the cloud
  • 4 Move through your home
  • 5 Adjust the position of the sun
  • circles Save your designs
Follow a webinar:

In this webinar we show you in four steps how you can publish your BIM model online.
We will also show you the integration with the housing file

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If you want to use BIM-Publisher, you can start at an amount of € 399, – excl. VAT per month for 50 building numbers.
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