Introduction version 6!

The whole of the Netherlands in 3D!

How cool is this? All 10 million buildings in the Netherlands are available in 3D. In other words, an online digital copy of reality. With Innobrix’s urban planning configurator, You can simply add your new building plans and you have a great online interactive communication tool!

Innobrix accesses the following map layers

  • 3D BAG
  • Land register
  • Aerial photo & Google Maps
Graphical upgrade
At Innobrix, we are working every day to take our platform to the next level. Recently, we have been working hard to give the graphics a quality boost, and with success! Watch the video for the stunning result!

Efficient working, who doesn’t want that? From now on, it is also possible to work with several people at the same time on the same project within our platform, adjustments will be visible to each other in real-time and this way you build success together.


While creating a project, it can happen that you accidentally click somewhere or do something else that makes the property not the way you want it to be. You want to be able to undo this easily, and this functionality is exactly for that: the ‘undo button’. The ‘redo button’ allows you to redo steps after undoing if you haven’t made a manual change in the meantime.

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