What can Innobrix do for you as a project developer?

Easily and quickly design complete urban areas with the Urban Planning Configurator

What Innobrix offers you

Area development is an intensive and complex process with many different stakeholders. As a project developer, you would like to design a visual plan quickly and easily. By involving your stakeholders at an early stage, you prevent objections and planning damage. That is why we developed the Innobrix Urban Configurator. A calculation and drawing tool in your own web browser. This way you as a project developer can set up an area plan based on masses. The Innobrix platform also offers the possibility to add BIM models from architects and/or home builders. This allows you to further detail the urban design with facade views.

If your plan has become feasible, you start the follow-up process and integrate the house builder in the development/construction process. The house builder can then finalise the designs and submit them for the permit. As soon as the permit has been issued, the sale of the homes can start. With the Innobrix Home Configurator (hyperlinks) and Home Docs (hyperlinks), home buyers are informed online.

Advantages for you as a developer

Increased customer engagement and higher margins

Current working methods

As a project developer, a lot of time is now often lost on communication with third parties, such as manually processing changes to homes by BIM agencies, architects or construction companies. Budgeting and making an image plan may take a long time. This is because all processes are carried out independently of each other. When a facade is adjusted or a new extension option is added, this must be adjusted manually in the budget. In short, what is lacking is an integrated approach to the various processes. 

The future with Innobrix

Thanks to the integrated approach and presence of our platform within all links in the chain, Innobrix ensures that a lot of time can be saved. All modules: Plan configurator, Home configurator and Home Docs are interconnected. They can of course be used separately, but it is precisely the integral aspect that makes it so efficient and user-friendly. From setting up the area plan with masses and BIM models, to selling the home through the 3D home configurator and communicating with the end customer through the Home Docs. All parties in the chain can use the platform to work as structured and efficiently as possible. This reduces costs and saves many hours. The platform has already proven to be able to realise an increase in sales and home choice options for our customers. We are happy to help you make this change possible for your organisation. 

The future with Innobrix

All relevant information clearly and up-to-date in a clear dashboard. The home buyer can see at a glance which tasks are still open, whether an action or reaction is still requested and whether there are still reports. Furthermore, he or she can consult all uploaded documents and chat with the buyer counsellor. With the push of a button, the home configurator can be opened in no time and the home buyer can compile their 3D home, save it and access it in VR and AR.

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