Oculus Quest – Now Available At Innobrix

Oculus Quest – Now Available At Innobrix

Innobrix has been several years in the making. The platform, created by Smart2IT, has gone through multiple development phases during this time. Starting off as a dedicated Windows application, it has since changed its course and is now functional as a web browser application, still keeping all of its functionalities!

Virtual Reality has had its place in the software during previous times, but was temporarily removed as the browser software was still under development.

It has now made its comeback, and it is once again possible to view your home in Virtual Reality using Innobrix! Unlike before, when you would find yourself in a fixed position, users now have the possibility to move during the Virtual Reality process. With the newest creation of Oculus, the “Quest”, it is even possible to actually walk around, and simultaneously do so in the Virtual Reality environment! The newest Oculus lens allow for optimal freedom in usage. It requires no PC, and no cables attached. It is unrestricted.

Make your first steps. Oculus Insight-tracking registers your movements, and translates them to VR. It offers room-sized tracking in each direction without external sensors. Look around freely, move around, and enter your Virtual Environment from where ever you wish to do so. The Oculus lens is also fitted with a Guardian-system. It is designed to register and memorize “borders” in your area, to prevent you from physically walking into objects whilst moving around in your virtual future home.

Curious about the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality in our home configurator or plan configurator? Contact Sander Martinec for any questions, either via e-mail (martinec@smart2it.nl), or by calling +31 (0)74 303 1414.

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