Assemble your own house with the Home Configurator

Create a powerful customer experience by using interactive, virtual homes for the home buyer.

The Home Configurator is a ‘what you see is what you really get’ experience

Innobrix’s home configurator transforms BIM into interactive virtual homes. This allows the home buyer to compose his own 3D home, view it in 3D, VR and AR, select home choice options, save and submit home designs. The home buyer can also place furniture in the house, see where the shady spots are and ‘walk’ through the house. All this with your own account, on smartphone / tablet, and the house designs can always be viewed or changed at a later time.

Afspil video

An impressive visualization with the home configurator

With the Innobrix home configurator, the home buyer chooses his favourite plot, selects the home options and then has all kinds of ways to view his own composed home. The 3D designs ensure that the house can be viewed from all points of view and angles. Both inside and outside. Rotate the viewpoint, zoom in and out and play with the sun position so you don’t miss any detail. You get an even better experience with the Virtual Reality experience. ‘Walk’ through and around your future home and be amazed. This can be done on a smartphone and tablet, or with an Oculus Quest.

BIM Integration

BIM is the foundation of Innobrix. This transforms it into interactive virtual homes. The home buyer composes his own 3D home, and then sends the chosen options back to BIM.

Link to Home Docs

From the Home Docs, the Home Configurator can be opened quickly on the desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone with the push of a button.

Powerful customer experience

Your BIM models become visual, which makes it understandable and clear to the home buyer. With the powerful visualisation tools 3D, VR and AR, you create a wow-effect.

A home configurator for multiple construction projects

The Innobrix home configurator’s CMS system makes it easy to manage multiple new construction projects in different Home Configurators. Create your projects in your own house style, upload the models of the different housing types and set for each new construction project which housing types with which options are available. Then you manage all information regarding the new construction projects and plots such as the price, sales status and descriptions.


Watch the example video below to get an impression of our extensive Home Configurator. This Configurator makes it possible for the consumer to add an extension to their home with the click of a button. Creating extra spaces and placing furniture is also easy to get a complete picture of your future home.  


Revit integration

Upload Revit models and selected options into Revit.


Independently manage and change the information per lot and type of house.


Real-time insight into the costs of the home and various options.

Personal house style

The Home Configurator is provided with your own logo and colour scheme.

Own brochure

Save your configured home in brochure format in PDF with your own house style.

Furniture library

Decorate your future home with furniture and experience your home.

Virtual Reality

Take a VR tour through the house with the Oculus Quest.

Sun position simulation

See where the sun shines on the lot and discover the shady spots.

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