Turn your BIM model into a
Interactive Artist Impression (iAi)

The interactive Artist Impression is a best of both worlds solution. A powerful dynamic 3D web viewer (i) combined with a powerful realistic artist impression (Ai).
All this from an integrated platform (I + Ai = iAi).

Trusted by the fastest growing construction companies and developers, including:

Interactive Artist impressions

With an iAi you can create a visual from any desired perspective. You determine the point of view from which you want to display the artist impression. Front, back or side of the house: everything is possible and the result is a realistic artist impression of the house. Including the right stones, roof tiles and color accents.

And all that within 48 hours! No more extra lead time for your project, but switch quickly with buyers.

The iAi consists of both an interactive 3D web viewer including an artist impression (i + Ai= iAi). This makes it a unique marketing and sales instrument starting at € 399 per visual.

An Interactive Artist Impression in three steps



3D webviewer
Artist Impression

View Showcases



Artist Impression


De Bouwfactor is a specialist agency for real estate communication. From location research to the start of the sale. With experts in the field of research, branding, (online) marketing, design, text, film, web development, placemaking, signing, 2D and even 3D visualisations, they are a real specialist in the field of real estate marketing and communication. Step by step the desired end result is achieved: a project that creates so much impact that a successful sale is guaranteed.

Go to De Bouwfactor website for more information.


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